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Bushwick Panel at the Brooklyn Historical Society

On Monday, November 17th the Brooklyn Historical Society hosted a panel discussion called Brooklyn’s On Fire: Bushwick is Burning. Moderated by Johathan Mahler, a New York Times media reporter and author of the critically acclaimed Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning, it included photographer Meryl Meisler, a tenant lawyer, an FDNY fire marshal, a Community Board manager, and a displaced resident. It was a lively discussion with spirited responses from the audience that included people who grew up in Bushwick, those who fought fires there, and residents who live and work there now.

Meisler, a special friend of the New York Book Society, has had great success with her 2014 book, A Tale of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick. It was reveiwed by Johathan Mahler in the New York Times, and was featured by the New Yorker, and by many prominent publications and websites.

©Heather O'Mara
©Heather O’Mara

(With special thanks to Heather O’Mara for permission to use her image of the panel)