Meryl Meisler Books

Tale2Cities_MEISLER_041617_PRESS.inddMeryl Meisler is a great friend of the New York Book Society, and we support her imaginative and historic work. In the past two years she’s produced  two fabulous books: A Tale of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick and Purgatory & Paradise: SASSY ‘70s Suburbia & The City. Both were featured on (Disco in 2014, Sassy in 2015), and had wonderful international press. I wrote intros for both books, and am honored and proud to have been included in these projects.

imageHere’s a post about one of the memorable launch parties for Sassy ’70s at Bizarre in Bushwick (with video clip).

Beginning February 25, Meryl’s vintage prints will be on display at the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea.

– Catherine Kirkpatrick



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